About me

Welcome to my website!

My name is MgA.Veronika Mališová Klepáčová, I was born in 1990, and I am a professional photographer. You may ask why VERDADERA PHOTOGRAPHY? Well, it is a kind of a play on words which includes the beginning of my first name and the meaning of which simultaneously indicates what are my photographs like. Verdadera as the matter of fact means true, real, natural, as same as my photographs are. I really do not like kitsch or cheesiness and I am an artist who has her own style which is characteristic of my works. It reflects my love for art, and also for everything that is vintage and interesting, special. My photographs are dreamy, romantic, playful, mysterious and also fairy-taleish. My specialization is very wide, it includes many types of photography (more info on Services), but most of all family photo, wedding photo or portraits. In the pictures I will emphasize your uniqueness and beauty. As a real artist I notice details which not every amateur eye can see, and which are still very important.

An American writer and photography theorist Suzan Sontag once wrote, that: “A photograph is as the matter of fact an evidence of our existence.” Well, let’s come to get immortalized.




2012–2015   FAMU in Prague – MgA., Department of Photography
2009–2012   FAMU in Prague – BcA., Department of Photography
2005–2009   SUŠ in Ostrava, sphere: Applied photography and media


Art exhibition selection:

2015        Gallery 77, Brno (Act, selling art exhibition)
2015        Gallery GAMU, Prague (Snapshots, collective art exhibition)
2014        Pisztoryho palace, Bratislava (Off festival Bratislava, Manifesto)
2013        Gallery Panský dvůr, Boskovice (Under the flow, collective art exhibition)
2013        Gallery GAMU, Prague (Melancholy, collective art exhibition)
2013        Exhibition room of Jiří Jeníček, Beroun (Place memories, collective art exhibition)
2012        Gallery GAMU, Prague (Imaginary garden, collective art exhibition)
2012        Synagogue Boskovice, project ( Place memories, collective art exhibition)
2012        Hot Bathtub, České Budějovice, ( authorship art exhibition)
2012        Gallery DOX, Prague, PRAGUE PHOTO- Imaginary garden (collective art exhibition)
2012        Gallery Velryba, Prague, Fata Morgana (samostatná art exhibition, host Nela Ferenčíková)
2011        Gallery 77, Kroměříž, International art exhibition of Act (collective art exhibition)
2011        Gallery GAMU, Prague (collective art exhibition)
2011        Gallery Velryba, Prague (An ideal place for photography), (collective art exhibition)
2010        Saint Wenceslas square, Prague, itinerant art exhibition (Two faces of Prague), itinerant art exhibition: arcade Rokoko,                arcade Koruna, arcade Palace Fénix (Blaník), (collective art exhibition)

2010        Lažanský Palace, Prague (Dreams, collective art exhibition)
2010        Gallery Velryba, Prague (self-portrait), (collective art exhibition)
2009        Exhibition room of Jiří Jeníček, Beroun (One day, one place), (collective art exhibition)
2008        Grammar School Čeladná (30 years anniversary of the grammar school- work selection)
2007        Gallery Fiducija, Ostrava (collective film projection)
2007        Gallery Na prádle, Prague (art exhibition of the winning photos in the competition Blízko tebe (Close to you))
2007        Literary cofee, Ostrava (Setkání), (collective art exhibition)
2007        Gallery 7, Ostrava (studenti SUŠ, collective art exhibition)
2007        Fair Hospi-medica, Brno (documentary photos of clients from Náš svět, Pržno)
2006        Náš svět, allowance organization, Pržno (documentary photography of the clients)


Another experience:

  1. Front-page photo on the CD cover for Supraphon, Bedřich Smetana, The Secret
  2. Booklet CD for a music group Outsiders


Another activities:

- a guest in a TV show Good Morning, Čt2, Theme: photographing
- photo-calendars created in a cooperation with a project ,,Collective world“ sponsored by EU
- publication of the winning photos in a journal (Photography magazine)
- publication of my photos in a Calendar „Close to you“ (the photograps were chosen by Doc. Mgr. Jindřich Štreit)